KYLO for Kids

An On-Demand Course for Kids to Learn Healthy Connection, Communication, and Boundaries

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Unfortunately, most people are trained from a young age that someone else is responsible for their decisions, and all they have to do is comply and obey. This sets them up to struggle in multiple aspects of life, particularly with building healthy relationships. KYLO Kids (Keep Your Love On) teaches children the power of taking responsibility for their own choices and how to protect their important heart-to-heart connections.

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A Note From Your Instructors…

We all want connected and life-giving relationships–it’s what we were made for. Yet for so many of us, relationships remain one of our greatest areas of struggle and pain. 

Thankfully, there is good news. No matter what kind of dysfunction or pain you’ve experienced, you don’t have to pass that on to your child.

We want to help you introduce three areas of relational practice that form the foundation for every healthy relationship: connection, communication, and boundaries. We want to be your child’s coach and provide them with critical tools and skills that will enable them to establish these practices in their life, which include:

Becoming a powerful person

Communicating well in conflict

Taking personal responsibility

The importance of telling the truth

Keeping your love on no matter what

We’re so glad you have decided to help your child get the skills and knowledge they need to build healthy, connected relationships. (It’s truly a gift that will keep on giving) 

Get ready to watch your child grow on a journey of personal and relational transformation!

KYLO for Kids

• On-demand video teaching to learn at your own pace
• Post-teaching activation exercises for lesson comprehension and retention
• Interactive study guides for deeper learning and immediate application

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